No Sweets From Children’s Dentist

Hmm. This seems like a harsh way to begin an online article. You wonder though. What kind of doctor is this? Maybe you’re that old enough to remember such days, you’ve got grandkids and all. You remember going to the doctor for an important check-up or maybe you were quite ill. And because you were so brave, the good doctor gave you a nice lollipop afterwards. Well now, those were the days.

Where ever did they go? But still, there’s a very good reason why today’s dentists won’t be giving their kindergarten patients sweets to suck on. Your dentistry for children menifee just doesn’t do sweets is all. Why? Because they’re pretty bad for the kids’ teeth and gums is all. Loaded with sugar and other processed materials that bring on the bacteria like it’s going out of fashion. A last-minute sale to pull out all the teeth.

And bring on the dentures just like your grandma had to wear. Sadly, this is still happening. There are still far too many households where young kids are losing their good teeth a lot earlier than they should and having to face the prospect of wearing what is otherwise known as false teeth. No, medical science and all its techniques, procedures and technologies have come a long way since those days.

dentistry for children menifee

For goodness sake; when last did you see a good doctor smoke at his desk. About the best thing a good dentist is going to do for his child-like patient is to present her with a spanking new toothbrush. And a good lesson on dental and oral hygiene as well. And hopefully mommy, sitting close by, will be listening closely as well. The children’s dentist may have no sweets, but he’s sure got their best interests at heart.